Tuesday, January 11, 2011

REI and Eastern South Lake Union

On Sunday, my husband and I took advantage of the need to return an item to REI and walked the neighborhood around the store. We walked about 5.3 miles through the eastern portion of South Lake Union and also visited South Lake Union Park.

We started our walk at Saint Spirindon Orthodox Cathedral. The rounded blue domes were a stark contrast to the boxiness of the surrounding buildings. We walked a short distance to REI and could have spent an entire walk just photographing and enjoying the great landscaping and whimsical details of the building and its setting. From the waterfall to the hikers' signs to the mountain biking trails to the clocks telling the time on the world's great mountains to the Pinnacle climbing rock, this store is a real experience even when not looking to buy anything.

We walked over to the new South Lake Union Park and the Center for Wooden Boats. The park is very flat and the few trees have been recently planted so our eyes were drawn to the lake, the boats, the Space Needle and buildings south of the area (which include the new home of We spotted one of the South Lake Union Trollies and someone piloting a unique water vehicle on the lake - it looked like a flat platform powered by cycle peddles, the amazing part was that there was a baby in a car seat being transported on this boat.

We continued our walk and passed the 13 Coins Restaurant and David Smith & Company. We stopped into David Smith and viewed a large selection of Indonesian furniture and accessories. We finished our outing walking by the Cascade Playfield and P-Patch and the Immanuel Lutheran Church.

We had walked most of the streets between John and Roy from Boren to Eastlake plus the street bordering South lake Union Park. This neighborhood houses a real mix of activities; it has churches, restaurants, pubs, a day care center, businesses and residences as well as some pretty nice park areas.

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