Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capitol Hill East of Volunteer Park

Since I was going to be in Volunteer Park today, I decided to walk the neighborhood east of the park. This was a very pleasant 3.7 mile walk through a lovely old residential area. Most of the homes had front porches and, since there were alleys behind the houses, no overhead wires or garages were visible. This eliminated the need for driveways and resulted in more parking space. The streets did not look crowded with parked cars and the houses looked welcoming. I don't know who lives in these homes today but I imagined a time when these street were probably filled with children from families large enough to need all the rooms these houses appear to have.

I did pass other walkers, dog walkers and craftsmen who were working on some of the homes but the neighborhood was pretty quiet.

The Louisa Boren Park and Outlook are on the northern tip of this area and offer an impressive view. The Volunteer Park Cafe was the only commercial business in the area and the aromas would have tempted me in if I had time.

I walked into Volunteer Park from East Galer Street onto East Highland Drive passing a playground and the Conservatory. I stopped in to view the glorious plants. The Seattle Asian Art Museum is also in the park.

This was a nice walk and suggests a time when life (for some) was elegant.

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