Monday, January 24, 2011

First Hill and Pike Street to Westlake Mall

An eye doctor appointment brought me to First Hill today so I included a walk of the immeduate area and then walked down Pike Street to Westlake Mall to catch the bus home.

It rained during most of my 4.75 mile walk and I was happy to be in neighborhoods with sidewalks.

My walk started at the Convention Place Bus Tunnel stop across the street from the Paramount Theater. I walked along Pine Street to Boren Avenue and then walked Boren up the hill to Madison Street. Walking the streets bordered by Boren, Madison, Harvard and Union, I saw a real mix of the old, the new and the in between.

The older mansions were quite impressive as were the older apartment buildings. Some of the newer buildings were also well planned to blend into the neighborhood, others were not. The new Virginia Mason parking garage added nothing to the neighborhood.

I passed by First Hill Park, Seattle University, the Northwest School, the Seattle First Baptist Church, a Knights of Columbus building, the Polyclinic, buildings associated with Swedish and Virginia Mason Hospitals and restaurants and retail businesses along Madison.

Leaving this area, I walked along Terry just above I-5 and saw a long stairway leading down the hill.

Walking along Pike Street, I passed the Convention Center, and numerous retail stores and restaurants. I took 5th Avenue to Westlake Mall.

I passed many walkers on almost every leg of this walk.

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