Friday, January 28, 2011


Starting today's walk, we experienced moderate rain which tapered off during our short stroll. My husband and I walked 3.5 miles on the streets bordered by Ravenna Avenue NE, NE 105th Street, 35th Avenue NE and NE 100th Street.

This neighborhood is hilly and includes ravines as well as some pretty flat areas.

The area includes the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church which is currently hosting a tent city in its parking lot. This was a miserable day
to be living in a tent.

The Waldorf School is also located in this area and its parking lot is the site of the Meadowbrook Farmers Market on summer Sundays. While passing the school, we saw a tree trimmer cutting limbs away from utility lines. This area has overhead utilities; some street have sidewalks, some sidewalks and curbs (only a few of which were swept; most were slippery on this rainy day and it didn't always appear clear who should be maintaining these walkways). There are a number of open drainage ditches and parking strips varied from very neat to very muddy with deep ruts where heavy vehicles had driven through.

Homes are mostly modest with the exception of what, I think, is the original farmhouse for this entire area and some newer homes built along 100th Street on the site of the old Maple Leaf Elementary School. Unlike other schools which were repurposed when they were closed, the Maple Leaf School was demolished, I don't know why.

Meadowbrook Pool is on the north side of 105th at 35th.

We spotted a steep slab stairway up to a house on 100th and a beautifully landscaped garden. I suspect that this neighborhood is pretty impressive in the late spring and early summer when the gardens are in bloom.

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