Monday, January 17, 2011

Southeastern Cedar Park and Northeastern North Matthews Beach

Today's walk filled in missing patches of neighborhoods overlooking Lake Washington.

My husband and I walked 4.6 miles through the hilly area east of Sand Point Way from NE 115th to 125th Street NE and 42nd Avenue NE north to 135th Street.

This is an area of dead end streets, scenic views of Lake Washington, ravines and an impressive staircase (at 135th Street) which we had climbed on a prior walk but still added to our walk today.

In an attempt to attach some of the dead ends, we walked along the Burke Gilman Trail from 120th to 125th and noticed a few mudslides in that area. The largest had been cleaned up but appeared to have crossed the trail. We saw a pair of ducks in the ditch beside the trail very near the slide.

This area is not the easiest to reach but the walk is worth the effort.

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