Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Capitol Hill South and West of Volunteer Park

Once again, I took advantage of being in the area of Volunteer Park to walk the neighborhood around the park. My 4 mile walk took me through the streets between 10th Avenue E and the park from E Blaine Street to E Aloha Street and the area immediately south of the park between E Prospect and E Aloha from 10th to 15th Avenue E.

This is a lovely area of old mansions and impressive homes mixed with apartment houses along the southern portion of 10th Avenue and a very small number of newer homes (one or two were not well designed to fit into the neighborhood). The walk was enjoyable because each home was unique, the streets were tree-lined and the park was present at most turns.

This walk started in the park near the water tower. I plan to return on a clearer day to climb the tower and take pictures from the top. On a clear day, this tower offers views which can almost rival those of the Space Needle or the Smith Tower. Visitors have the exercise benefit of the climb and there is no charge.

Directly across from the tower on Prospect are some truly impressive mansions. Federal Avenue just west of the Park is also impressive; 10th Avenue is home to St. Mark's Cathedral and its many majestic buildings. Trinity Lutheran Church is also on 10th and Lake Union is visible from a few spots. The south end of 10th, with its many apartments feels like a totally different neighborhood.

The area just south of the park has lovely homes and a few apartment buildings well designed to fit into this posh neighborhood. The Volunteer Park Seventh Day Adventist Church is tucked into this area.

I saw a few people out walking, a few tradesmen, and two dog walkers. The trees and the park would make this a beautiful walk at any time of year.

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