Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday, my husband and I walked along about half the streets of Windermere. Our 5.5 mile walk took us through this lovely neighborhood along Lake Washington, north of the University.

We started our walk by Sand Point Elementary School, this is one school that the district had closed and leased out but reopened this year. It is in a lovely location near Magnuson Park.

We passed some UW student housing and a few streets where the houses were modest and utilities were overhead. Then we reached the area closer to the lake where the lots were large, the utilities underground, the houses impressive and the views great.

Windermere has a private park with lake access. It is also a neighborhood where the street numbers and avenue numbers overlap which can be confusing.

We wound our way back to our starting point, discovering a staircase taking us down to Sand Point Elementary.

We met a few people along our walk and saw a family playing basketball in their well-sized driveway. It was a pleasant walk on a beautiful day; I'll be happy to return some day and finish walking this neighborhood.

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