Monday, May 30, 2011

Haller Lake

It was a pretty quiet Memorial Day around the Haller Lake neighborhood when my husband and I took a 6.4 mile walk here today.

We walked all of the streets from 1st Ave NE to I-5 from 130th to 116th Street, the streets circling Haller Lake, the streets around Northgate Elementary School and the 117th Street I-5 overpass.

We found two paths which allow public access to the lake. There were a few people fishing at one of them.

Some streets had sidewalks but not curbs; there were plenty of trees in this neighborhood and we saw a few walkers/dog walkers.

There were lots of private drives down to the lake so we didn't get to see all the homes in this area.

The feel along the streets around the lake was almost country-ish while the streets closer to I-5 felt more suburban.

The cement wall and trees along I-5 didn't eliminate the traffic noise but one resident made use of every inch of garden space, planting right up to the wall. Another resident had turned a dead tree into a sculpture.

This area is home to Saint Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Church and school,

North Acres Park and its ballfields.

It was fun discovering the lake accesses and the level streets made this an easy walk.

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