Thursday, May 26, 2011

Western North College Park

Today found me back in the area west of North Seattle Community College where I took a 6.8 mile walk through what felt like a few different neighborhoods.

Residences grew grander as I walked east and north.

There were some nice settings along Ashworth Avenue N.

Sandwiched between N Northgate Way and Evergreen Washelli Cemetery is a quiet area of single family homes, some with lawns that reminded me of golf courses and others with lovely gardens.

The area south and west of Licton Springs Park and slightly off Aurora was mostly newer multiplexes with just a few holdout single family homes. Even the multiplexes could look good with the right landscaping.

This area is home to Fire Station 31,

a Seattle City Light facility (with interesting garden art)

and Evergreen Washelli Cemetery.

The stretch of Aurora I walked today had lots of motels and automotive businesses (including a wrecking shop) but also a Dunn Lumber store and, being close to the cemetery, it also included a monument (a.k.a. tombstone) shop. As I approached Oak Tree Village from the south, I saw a Gold's Gym and a few restaurants.

The area just off Aurora looked more industrial with lots of parking lots and, perhaps, warehouses.

This walk ended at Oak Tree Village which is dominated by Oak Tree Cinemas and HT Oaktree Market.

Like so many walks, this one had a few pleasant surprises.

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