Friday, May 13, 2011

East Central Green Lake

Great weather enticed my husband and me to take a 6 mile walk near Green Lake.

We walked the streets from the lake to I-5 from NE 72nd to NE 65th Street.

This is a mixed area with residences and businesses. It is home to a lot of "skinny" houses and looks as if older homes have been replaced with multiplexes. There are also some newer, upscale condo complexes (some with shops on the first floor) and the Hearthstone Retirement Residence.

One entire block is currently a hole in the ground and has been since building plans fell through a few years ago. Last week, I read that building is about to begin because PCC has decided to locate a store in the new complex.

Ravenna Blvd is very wide in this area with a lovely, wide grassed and treed median strip. The old Marshall Junior High School is located on Ravenna but is no longer being operated as a school and a sign noted that space was available for rent.

This area is home to a meeting place for the Church in Seattle, the Samaritan Center, lots of restaurants and cafes, Fire Station #16, Gregg's Green Lake Cycle, a Metro Carpool Parking Lot and some great gardens. Views of Green Lake are everywhere and walkers abound.

The playground near Green Lake Pool had so many jogging strollers today that we thought there must be a baby conventions going on.

It was a lovely day for a walk and a lovely walk to take any day.

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