Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday, a chore on Greenwood Avenue N took me back to the Phinney neighborhood for a 4.5 mile walk on a sunny day.

There were lots of people out enjoying the sunshine and refreshments, especially near 67th and Phinney where the Phinney Neighborhood Center, the Red Mill and a Starbuck's all come together.

I walked streets between 65th and 76th, mostly from Greenwood to Fremont but included some streets west of Greenwood I had skipped on a prior walk.

Because I've already reported on so many things I viewed along Greenwood during that prior walk, I'll only restate that I got a very "zen" feeling being in this neighborhood.

The Francine Seders Gallery is in this area and has a small circular sitting area with stone benches outside.

Greenwood Avenue is home to many shops and restaurants including a tattoo parlor next door to an art studio next door to the Chocolate Shoebox (an all vegan shoe and chocolate shop). There is also a do-it-yourself dog wash, a temporary fire station and some decent restaurants. This neighborhood is home to Rock of Ages Lutheran Church and a few church-related preschools/childcare centers.

This neighborhood provides views of Green Lake but also lots of views of overhead wires. Trees are plentiful but not too tall. Gardens are beautiful and many still had tulips due to unseasonably cool weather.

A lovely walk in a friendly feeling neighborhood.

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