Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Lake adjacent to I-5

It was overcast and damp but it didn't rain today as a friend and I took a 5.1 mile walk near Green Lake. We walked the streets from 1st Avenue NE to I-5 from NE 72nd to NE 80 Street.

This area is a mix of commercial and residential and includes quite a few newer multiplex developments built on small lots. Some of these are very nicely done but we wondered whether sufficient parking were provided.

There were some architecturally appealing single family homes. Lots are small and back yards are tiny but some residents seem to put a lot of effort into front gardens and parking strips.

There were also quite a few dead end streets adjacent to I-5. A high wall separated the houses from the expressway and muffled the traffic noise a little.

This area has sidewalks and curbs but also quite a few alleys and there is a long staircase on 2nd Avenue at what would be 76th Street.

There were not as many walkers out as the last time I walked in this area (probably because it was Monday morning and the weather wasn't great) but Woodlawn Avenue and Green Lake Drive are busy streets. The dead end streets are probably quiet unless someone is looking for a parking spot.

All in all, there is a lot to admire in this neighborhood and we had a pleasant walk.

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