Saturday, May 7, 2011

Northgate - Western Maple Leaf

Yesterday, I walked most of the streets in the western part of the Maple Leaf neighborhood. I took a 7 mile walk along the streets from NE 92nd Street to NE Northgate Way from 1st to 5th Avenue NE (including quite a few steps inside Northgate Mall).

Northgate Mall and the Transit Center dominate this area and the new Northgate Library and Community Center are located on 5th NE. I stopped into the Community Center and watched a ballroom dancing event.

Group Health has a facility here and there are quite a few medical and dental offices surrounding it as well as the Seattle Athletic Club and the offices of Delta Dental Services.

North of Northgate Way, I could see another shopping area with Target and Ross.

There is a strip mall along 1st NE called Northgate Station which contains a few fast food restaurants, Silver Platter, Marie Callender's, a shoe store, a nail salon, a bathing suit store and an Oroweat bakery outlet.

There are shops along 5th NE and a 24 Hour Fitness Center on the first floor of an apartment/office complex.

This area is also home to a multiplex cinema, Olympic View Community Church, Olympic View Elementary School, an Aljoya senior living development and the Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel built in the middle of the Thornton Place Apartments and very nicely realized.

North of 95th, most of the residences are apartments or condos but south of 95th most are single family homes and there are some nice surprises of colorful gardens.

There were lots of people walking in this area and I never had to wait too long to cross a street thanks to the 'Push to Walk' buttons.

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