Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Lake West of Duck Island

A sunny day found me back in the Green Lake neighborhood to walk the streets between Dayton and Aurora Avenues N from N 65th to N 73rd Street.

This 3.9 mile walk was through an almost exclusively residential area with sidewalks and curbs which slope down towards the lake.

Homes in this neighborhood tend to be bungalows or craftsmen and pretty pricey.

Gardens are lovely and well tended.

Just because a house is on Aurora doesn't mean it can't be a grand residence.

Aurora separates this neighborhood from the lake and there is a cement barrier in the middle of the avenue, however, there is a crosswalk at 68th Street.

I passed a mail box at 68th and Linden! It's very unusual to see mailboxes in residential neighborhoods - if I ever see a working phone booth, I'll be sure to document that too.

Most of the apartment houses were along Linden. The non-residential properties were located along Aurora and Linden Avenues: a triangle which houses the Green Lake Farmers' Market, a gas station, the Phinney Neighborhood Center,

the Linden Orchard pea patch (which looked more like a pocket park complete with sunbather),

a consignment and home staging shop named Furnishments

and a church which appeared to have two congregations (Zion Lutheran Missouri Synod and Ethiopian Mekane Yesus Evangelical Lutheran).

This was another enjoyable walk through a lovely neighborhood.

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