Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Hill around the Frye and Harborview

Today, my husband and I kept our family Mothers' Day tradition alive by visiting the Frye Art Museum on First Hill.

The Frye is my favorite Seattle museum and it never disappoints (it's been especially good since its remodel). Today's exhibit was the Degenerate Art Ensemble, an interesting multimedia show which includes performance art.

The museum has an interesting looking cafe and I hope to return some day for lunch or a snack.

After viewing the exhibit and the permanent collection, we took a walk on First Hill. The number and size of the medical facilities in this area makes it easy to believe how much we spend on healthcare.

We walked around the campuses of Swedish and Harborview Medical Centers and had some great views from an overlook at Harborview; the Smith Tower seemed to pop up everywhere.

This area would be all medical facilities and parking garages if it weren't for the presence of St. James Cathedral (covered in an earlier post), O'Dea High School, the Frye and a few apartments.

It was Sunday so the area was not as busy as a normal day. Our 3.5 mile walk (which included a few hundred steps inside the museum) rewarded us with some great views.

The neighborhood was clean and there were enough trees on some of the streets to remind us we were in Seattle.

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