Friday, May 27, 2011

Eastern University District and Southern Ravenna

Today's walk included a lot of streets in the neighborhoods north and west of University Village. I had some chores in the area and my 7.7 mile walk included the distance I walked inside University Village. I walked the streets from NE 45th to 55th Street between 22nd and 30th Avenues NE plus a few adjacent streets I had not already walked.

The Burke Gilman Trail runs through this area which is dominated by University Village and things related to the UW.

Immediately adjacent to University is Blakeley Village, UW student housing.

NE Blakeley Street curves around the north side of University Village and houses a variety of businesses.

25th Avenue NE is commercial with restaurants and two newer commercial complexes, Northcut Landing and the Corydon which houses Momma Melina's and My Divine Chocolates among other establishments.

The western part of this area is quite hilly and residential with a mix of student housing, apartments and single family homes,

one with a garden large enough to be a p-patch.

The streets over by Calvary Cemetery are quite nice.

This area is home to some new senior housing, Merrill Gardens, quite a few staircases,
The Chambered Nautilus (a bed and breakfast)

and a decorated bench at a bus stop along 25th.

My biggest surprise was the south end of Ravenna Avenue NE, it felt more and more rural as I walked down this dead end street parallel to the Burke Gilman Trail. Signs indicated dead end, then unpaved road and the street finally stopped under the 45th Street viaduct.

The Newman Center Prince of Peace Chapel is at the top of the viaduct and was open so I stopped in to admire this lovely chapel.

I walked down the viaduct, noting how much lower the U Village area and the UW east of Montlake Blvd is than the neighborhoods to their west and north.

This is a busy area with lots of foot, bike and car traffic in the commercial areas and on the Burke Gilman Trail.

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