Sunday, May 29, 2011

Madison Park

There was no one at the beach today when my husband and I took a 4 mile walk through the affluent looking Madison Park neighborhood.
We walked most of the streets north of E Newton Street from the golf course to the lake.

The beach is at the foot of E Madison Street, the commercial stretch of this area. We did see quite a few people in the restaurants along Madison.

We had not expected this area to have the number of large condo developments we saw along the lake edges.

The western portion abutting Broadmoor Golf Club was devoted to single family homes, some modest, some quite grand.

Streets are tidy and some of the landscaping is charming.

The major discovery of this walk was public beach access near 37th Avenue E. A gravel road runs from E McGilvra Street along the golf course fence and winds down to the lake.

I'm looking forward to returning to Madison Park to explore more streets and the shops along Madison Street.

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