Friday, May 20, 2011

Western Ravenna

The weatherman forecast 70 degrees today and my husband and I were thankful for some shady streets in the Ravenna neighborhood. We walked 6.4 miles along the streets between NE 70th and 74th Streets from 12th to 25th Avenue NE.

This is a neighborhood with many lovely brick tudor homes, especially near 75th Street. It has sidewalks and curbs with nicely planed wide swags between them. The streets slope downhill going east. A few homes were for sale and the asking prices were on the high side.

There are a few dead end streets (the two halves of 21st Avenue NE are connected by a footpath) and quite a few unpaved alleyways behind houses.

We saw a few joggers, gardeners, a fireman testing a hydrant, a sidewalk chalked for child's play and many nice gardens.

We did not see any churches or anything but single family homes until we crossed over into the Roosevelt neighborhood when we walked west of 15th Avenue NE and walked around the Roosevelt Reservoir. At one time, this must have been called the Green Lake Reservoir because we noted that name on the stonework of an old brick building on the site.

Froula Park is adjacent to the reservoir and includes a play area and tennis courts.

The Roosevelt P-Patch is also in this area and includes a cement sofa. The p-patch is separated from the sidewalk by an imaginative fence which casts great shadows on the sidewalk. There were also some charming dead end streets abutting the reservoir and park. There are always new things to discover while walking.

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