Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Southwest North College Park

Today's 5.8 mile walk through the North College Park neighborhood marked 500 miles of walking towards my goal. I walked the streets from Aurora to Burke Avenue N between N 85th and 90th Street (plus a few streets I had walked before).

About one block from where I hit the 500 mile mark was a wonderful discovery, Pilling's Pond. This lovely duck pond is located on N 90th Street near Densmore Avenue N.

This is a mixed area, commercial along Aurora (including Seattle Fabrics, a great store for outdoor fabric and Aurora Rents complete with its elephant sign), services (Fremont Fellowship Hall),

multiplexes near Aurora, smaller homes in the middle and attractive single family homes further east. N 85th is a very busy street and there are schools at 85th and Wallingford (Bishop Blanchet) and Middle College High School/Indian Alternative School on the north side of 90th.

Once again, I saw some lovely gardens.

I passed a few vacant lots,

some nicer than others,

houses that looked like a grandma lived within,
some tailored looking streets.

All in all, a nice walk even if 85th had so much traffic and the sidewalk was so narrow that I could feel the breeze made by passing cars.

Even if a house is on 85th, it can still be charming.

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