Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yesterday, I took a 5.3 mile walk through the Wedgwood neighborhood. I walked the streets fron NE 75 to 85th Street between 30 and 35th Avenues NE plus the streets between Dahl Park and 30th NE. I had already walked 35th Avenue NE so I'm not including information about the commercial establishments there.

I was surprised by the number of staircases but I guess I shouldn't have been because the crest of a hill runs through this neighborhood which slopes down steeply on the west side of the crest.

There is a large rock on a nicely landscaped, triangular island along 31st Avenue but it's not the Wedgwood Rock which is actually in Ravenna.

This was a neighborhood of modest, single family homes but many have been replaced by larger homes with Craftsman being the preferred new style.

Most of the streets have sidewalks and curbs and gardens and parking strips are nicely planted.

As I was finishing up my walk, I could hear church bells chiming the hour; it's been a long time since I've heard church bells.

and Dahl Park (which appears to have ballfields, a playground, a skate park and a jogging path along its east side where I saw a lot of University Prep students running).

I saw walkers, runners, gardeners, and craftsmen. A pleasant walk through a quiet neighborhood.

In August 2012, a friend took me back to this neighborhood to view some rubber duck art in a yard just west of 35th at 82nd. It was during the Olympics and the art was impressive!

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  1. That large rock you note is "not the Wedgwood rock" was certainly known as such when I lived in the neighborhood from 1950-64. But I think technically you're correct. Many thanks for posting these photos, all of which remind me of how much things have changed in the last half century or so.