Monday, June 27, 2011

First Hill and Downtown

A few chores took me to First Hill and Downtown today so I filled in missing streets in these neighborhoods. Counting the distances to and from the bus, I walked about 8.7 miles but didn't actually cover too much new territory. This was a pretty hilly walk and I got a better workout than on yesterday's flat terrain.

My walk on First Hill was mostly along the streets near I-5 from James to Pike. This area houses medical-related, church-related and residential establishments. There appear to be a few retirement high-rises for the seniors who can afford to live downtown.

I passed Freeway and Plymouth Pillars Parks,
Trinity Episcopal Church and the Cherry Street Food Bank (which, sadly, was doing a booming business, the line was quite long).

I discovered the Freeway Park Garage which I didn't even know existed and noted that I would never park on the street outside the garage because I saw a lot of broken glass (which looked like it came from smashed car windows).

I noted that the upscale M Street Grocery on Madison had closed and that apartments/condos could have beautiful gardens even if they were almost under the expressway.

Discoveries in the downtown area include a new sculpture being erected near the convention center,

a private road at University and 7th,

and Christ Our Hope Catholic Church (recently opened to accommodate the numbers of people moving to the downtown area).

This walk didn't really cover a neighborhood but did fill in streets I had missed on prior walks and it's always energizing being downtown.

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