Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods

More chores brought me back to the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown core today. I walked 8 miles through First Hill, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, the Cascade neighborhood, the downtown business district and even entered the Denny Triangle.

It was humid but cool and very windy and I saw some people in shorts and others in boots and jackets. I filled in missed streets as I walked from one chore to another and spotted a few new points of interest.

I walked up the stairs at Freeway Park and noted an oriental bell, I had not seen before.

Walking along Broadway on Capitol Hill, I spotted a statue of Jimi Hendrix,

the construction site of the future Capitol Hill station of the University leg of Light Link system,

and Tango instructions embedded in the sidewalk.

In the Denny Triangle,

and Fare Start restaurant, a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

In the downtown core, I noted a YWCA amidst expensive hotels.

A "good stretch of the legs" and lots of chores accomplished made this a rewarding walk.

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