Saturday, June 4, 2011

South Wallingford

A chore took me to Wallingford so I took a walk in the neighborhood just north of Gas Works Park (where I saw kites flying over Kite Hill). My 5.8 mile stroll covered the streets between Stone Way N and Corliss Avenue N from North Northlake Way to N 36th Street.

Streets slope down towards the lake and offer views of the downtown skyline and the Space Needle. Residential areas have sidewalks and curbs.

This is a mixed neighborhood with lots of older, single family homes making use of every inch of garden space. This looks like the home to many urban farmers and I even saw a sign advertising home grown produce for sale.

Townhouses and condos are increasing in number. The Wallingford Steps are surrounded by new buildings.

This area is home to a Seattle Solid Waste Transfer Center, the Om Culture building, Essential Baking Company, the Varsity Inn Restaurant, a Waterbrook Winery building, Fisheries Supply, a few marinas (one with houseboat condos), the Fremont Community School, the Waterway 19 Habitat Demonstration Project, the Divers Institute of Technology, other businesses associated with a working waterfront and a few numbered waterways which offer access to the lake. There is also a large research building for lease

This stretch of Stone Way is commercial with sports-related, building-related and used book businesses as well as restaurants, a kite shop and an indoor skatepark.

There were lots of people out enjoying the great weather, the Burke Gilman Trail (which runs through the area), Gas Works Park and the lake. There were so many bikers, I had to watch out when crossing streets and the trail.

I truly interesting walk in a charmingly mixed neighborhood.

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