Monday, June 6, 2011


Yesterday, my husband and I took a 6.4 mile walk through the lovely Montlake neighborhood. We walked the streets south of 520 and north of Lynn from Boyer Avenue E to the Arboretum.
This is a neighborhood of tree-lined streets and brick tudor houses. There are sidewalks and curbs and houses are well kept. The noise from and proximity to 520 detracts from this otherwise idyllic neighborhood.

We noted a staircase and a path where streets dead-ended.

This area has some interesting garden art (including birdhouses at Montlake Elementary) and lots of bicyclists.

There is a small play structure on the Arboretum grounds where Lynn intersects 26 Avenue E.

This area is home to Montlake Playground and Community Center,

Montlake Elementary School and the Montlake Community Day School, the Mountlake Outdoor Community Classroom,

It was a joy to walk down some streets and look at the beautiful gardens and parking strips.

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