Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today's walk filled in some of the downtown streets I have not yet walked. It included Eastlake (just west of I-5) from Minor to John and Stewart Street from John to 5th Avenue plus a few random streets I had missed on prior walks. Including walking to and from the bus and repeating streets, I walked 3.4 miles.

This Cascade neighborhood includes the Metropolitan Park office complex with its three towers and nicely landscaped property,

Market House Corned Beef and the Re-bar,

a colonial-looking apartment house in the middle of new high-rise condos,

the Greyhound Bus Terminal,

the Monorail, an endpoint of the South Lake Union Trolly route, the memorial statue of former Washington Governor John Hart McGraw,

the Mariner store, the tree that is decorated and lit every Christmas season, department stores and hotels.

As always, downtown Seattle is an exciting place to walk.

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