Monday, November 5, 2012

Lawton Park

All it took was the sun peeking out a bit to get my husband and me walking in the Magnolia neighborhood of Lawton Park. We walked 5 miles along streets between 24th and 32nd Avenues W from W Elmore to W Dravis.

This is a residential area with a mix of single family homes and apartments. The homes grew more modest as we walked north and east and looked down on the industrial area. There were quite a few apartment houses in the area between Lawton Park and Magnolia Manor Park.

In the western portion of our walk, we observed sidewalks and curbs

and lots of trees still sporting colorful leaves.

Near Lawton Park,

we noted a trail through a future healthy urban forest

and staircases.

We passed Magnolia Manor Park and learned that it will open soon as an off leash area and will house Magnolia's first P-Patch.

This area is home to Magnolia Presbyterian Church, Lawton Elementary School (pictured in a prior post),

some interesting yard art

and a house selling bird houses and benches.

We saw a decorated catamaran

and some election signs.

We finished up this walk by splitting a delicious meatball sandwich at Picolino's in Sunset Hill. It's good to be back walking in Seattle again.

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