Saturday, November 24, 2012

Briarcliff Neighborhood of Magnolia

Attempting to walk off some of our Thanksgiving calories, my husband and I took a 5.4 mile walk in Magnolia today.

This neat, residential area has sidewalks, curbs, underground utilities and lots of curving streets with alleys that may or may not be actual streets,

a few grassy areas that may or may not be plotted but never paved roads

and what may be an empty lot with views of the downtown skyline.

We saw beautiful homes, some quite large and others modest in size but stylish and well maintained.

Some had started to decorate for Christmas

and another had four garage doors.

Trees were not plentiful and were mostly of moderate height (to preserve views)

but we did see a few tall trees like this one with what looked like six trunks.

Along the way, we spotted two decorated fire hydrants.

This was one walk on which I really needed a map because of the curvy streets.

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