Tuesday, November 27, 2012

East Queen Anne and Westlake

After a pastry stop at Le Fournil on Eastlake, a book-loving buddy and I took a 6.1 mile walk in the Westlake and East Queen Anne neighborhoods. We filled in missed streets and talked about our latest book club choice while admiring the sights.

This area, sandwiched between Aurora and Lake Union slopes down to the lake and we spotted staircases and climbed up a pretty long one

to get to the overpass near Garfield Street. We noted a nice patio outside a deli in the Attachmate building on Westlake.

Some of the streets looked to be more alley than street but we walked them, especially if we could see a street sign.

This is a neighborhood of apartments/condos, businesses, the Swedish Cultural Center, the Cheshiahud Loop, Thomas C. Wales Park (pictured in a prior post) and underpasses.

One underpass took us from Dexter to Aurora

whose shoulder looked almost rural in this area.

Another took us from Aurora to 6th Avenue N.

We spotted colorful murals in both underpasses

and confirmed that the stretch of 6th just west of Aurora was too dangerous to walk.

Along the way, we passed a rain garden on Westlake,

Lyon's corner grocery store, a decorated bus shelter with a great view of the lake, what looked like a small demonstration outside KCPQ, remnants of old railroad tracks (pictured in a prior post)

and samples of nautical lore

and what appeared to be Native American languages near Julie's Landing.

Another pleasant walk in a diverse neighborhood.

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