Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interbay, Lower Queen Anne and West Queen Anne

A desire to see and walk the new Thomas Street Overpass took my bike-route-seeking buddy and me to Interbay and Queen Anne today for a 7.1 mile walk. This walk covered some streets I had already walked and many pictures of these areas are included in prior posts. We started along the waterfront on 16th Avenue W and walked south and east through Centennial Park, admiring the Puget Sound views, the Amgen helix bridge, the fishing pier, the grain silos, the totem pole, the salmon net pens, the rose garden, the Shipmates Light (which honors those who have lost their lives at sea)

 and a small beach.

We were amazed at the sight of workers cleaning the side of the large yacht, Luna (according to some websites, the world's largest expedition motor yacht).

When we reached the Adjacent, Against, Upon sculpture, we were at the Thomas Street Overpass which we took to 3rd Avenue W

where we walked through a Native American themed arch.

We walked up the hill along 3rd, passing the Sound Effects Coffee House and the Rapid Ride D Line station (where the ORCA card reader was out of order) but the buses appeared  to be running well.

We walked north and west passing lovely homes, 

staircases, Marshall Park, Parsons Garden and a mossy, hilly street west of 7th on W Comstock.

Walking north on 7th, we saw a house ready for Thanksgiving.

We passed a street of interesting design-related businesses between 6th and 7th on Crockett before stopping at Macrina Bakery for a tasty lunch. Refueled, we walked west on McGraw and down 11th to Gilman Drive W where we admired a Gilman Gardens

before walking over to 15th where we admired the public art and crossed the West Galer Flyover which took us back to 16th.

In spite of the gray skies, this was another wonderful walk.

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