Thursday, November 8, 2012

Capitol Hill and the Central District's Minor Neighborhood

My husband had an appointment at Capitol Hill's Group Health this morning so I took the opportunity to fill in some missing streets while he was there. I walked 6.7 miles between I-5 and 23rd Avenue E from Union to Mercer.

I had walked many of these streets before (so I won't report everything I saw) but it was nice to revisit some favorite spots and discover changes since my last walk. Starting on the Capitol Hill side of Group Health, along 15th Avenue E, I spotted Remedy Tea

and the future home of Ada's Technical Books (currently covered in quilts and afghans.

Walking west on Mercer, I saw some colorful mushrooms growing at the bottom of a rockery then passed Lowell Elementary (pictured in an earlier post).

Walking by busy and ever changing Broadway

I came to a store named Cairo on Summit; it wasn't opened this early but it looked to be a consignment or second hand store with upscale merchandise.

There were quite a few dead end streets west of Bellevue Avenue E but most had a staircase leading down to Melrose and views of the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline.

I spotted a large construction site at Republican and Belmont, quite a few cafes, a market, lots of apartments/condos and few smaller houses. walking back towards Broadway, I passed the Thomas Street Park, the Capitol Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library, some decorated utility boxes

and a new (to me at least) mural on the light rail construction site.

I circled back to Group Health and headed over to the Minor neighborhood, where I came upon an interesting tree trunk,

Alley Cat Acres Organics (a grassroots urban farming collective fiscally sponsored by Sustainable Seattle),

the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd,

a camel on a corner,

Katy's Corner Cafe,

Central Cinema

and the Heritage Garden at Planned Parenthood.

Once again, this walk surprised me with all it had to offer.

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