Thursday, November 15, 2012

East Queen Anne

Today was another beautiful day for a walk so my husband and I returned to Queen Anne for a 6.6 mile walk. We started near Temporary Fire Station Number 8 and passed All Saints Church,

the new looking John Hay Elementary,

the former Queen Anne High School (now apartments)

and a few tall transmission towers.

This was a serendipitous walk that took us down a series of staircases connecting sections of Garfield Street. They led us through the large Cascade Terrace apartment complex and to an Aurora Avenue overpass.

We climbed down to Aurora, staying on the west side of the street and saw an improvised drainage setup at the base of the overpass.

Walking north on Aurora, we passed the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt

where camping is prohibited.

We spotted the Aloha Inn, a Men in Kilts facility and Canlis Restaurant before heading back up the hill along Raye Street. On our last walk in this area I had thought that there was no sidewalk on Raye but I was wrong. There is a sidewalk on Raye but 6th Avenue N, which is parallels Raye in this spot, has only a short segment of sidewalk or walkable shoulder. It gets dangerous as it curves under Aurora and around to Dexter. We opted not to walk that stretch.

On our way back to the staircases along Garfield (which we had to climb up this time), we passed a mailbox at 4th and Wheeler, some grand homes with great views, 

and Trolley Hill Park with its P-Patch and picnic area.

Back up at the top of the hill, we spotted more lovely homes.

Another neighborhood which makes me wonder what Seattle was like 50 years ago.

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