Monday, November 26, 2012

Briarcliff Neighborhood of Magnolia

My husband and I were back in Magnolia today for a 6.6 mile walk through the Briarcliff area. Expansive views greeted
us as we walked along the streets of the tidy, quiet, residential neighborhood.

I was surprised by the number of tree swings we saw

and admired a few playhouses.

The biggest surprise was a new Briarcliff at Magnolia development being built near the watertower. I had no idea there was this much undeveloped space in Magnolia and discovered that the property is the site of the old Briarcliff Elementary School and had been sold to a developer.

We spotted a staircase where Dravis breaks at 37th,

some lovely homes

(one was dark with a twisted chimney and looked as if it could have been designed in Prague)

and ended by catching a view of Mount Rainier.

We are almost finished our Magnolia walks and have really enjoyed the views.

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