Saturday, November 17, 2012

East Queen Anne

My husband and I returned to the hills of East Queen Anne, yesterday, for a 6 mile walk. We started near the water tower and Fire Station 8 (which is undergoing a seismic renovation).

Tennis courts and a bright yellow water fountain share space with the fire station, water and transmission towers.

This hilly, residential neighborhood has lots of staircases and

views of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle.

Lovely homes populate the top of the hill while apartments and condos grew more common as we walked down the hill.

Along the way, we spotted a realistic sculpture

and a vegetable garden in a sparking strip.

Bhy Kracke Park is tucked into this neighborhood with entrances down and up hill. The land was once owned by Werner H. Kracke who went by the nickname Bhy. He wanted the park to be a miniature Butchard Gardens and had planned to donate the land and money to the city but died before signing the agreement. The land was bought and developed as part of the Forward Thrust project.   

Another walk full of introductions to the characters of the neighborhood.

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