Monday, November 19, 2012

Seattle University and the Minor Neighborhood

Anticipating a rainy day, my husband and I decided to go to a movie, yesterday. We opted for Chasing Ice playing at the Egyptian and preceded it with a 4.2 mile walk through Seattle University and over to the Minor neighborhood to fill in a few missing streets.

The streets we walked were dominated by the presence of Seattle U and Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill Campus.

Some of the streets nearby were already starting to see older homes being replaced by larger, newer ones. There were still a few tree-linen streets

and some interesting yard art.

Walking back towards 12th, we spotted a tall, old smokestack at Swedish

and an interesting bench made from recycled material.

Walking through the Seattle U campus, we noted crosses commemorating Jesuits who were martyred in El Salvador,

the architecturally interesting entrance to the Science and Engineering building,

the Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons (follow this link to read about Fr. McGoldrick's role in admitting women to Seattle U, making it the first coeducational Jesuit college)

and the Chapel of Saint Ignatius whose almost industrial looking exterior belies the light inspired interior. ( A scale model of the chapel has been selected to become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.)

No matter how many times I walk some areas, there is always something new to enjoy.

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