Monday, November 12, 2012

Lawton Park Neighborhood of Magnolia - Land' s End

Saturday was a beautiful day for a walk so my husband and I went to the area north of Discovery Park. We walked 4 miles through the park and in the Land' s End neighborhood.

We started near Texas Way and took a staircase to West Lawton Street. Then we walked south on 36th Avenue West until we came to a park entrance and got back on Texas Way which we took to 40th Avenue West which led us into Land's End.

Along the way, we saw a Veterans' Cemetery,

an old beacon

and a chimney which looked down on the spot where the Ballard Locks connect boaters to Puget Sound.

After seeing the Land's end sign, we walked along quiet streets with great views.

We spotted a cute tree sculpture.

At the northern end, we were on Puget sound and came to a small overlook where some of the local residents were watching a harbor seal. We were told that this is a tight knit community and a great place to live. It had almost a beach community feel; it had palm trees and we looked out and saw sailboats.

After this great walk, we went to Anthony's at Shilshole for some clam chowder and looked across the water to see the neighborhood from the water side. We are planning another walk in this area to see the Lawton Woods neighborhood just west of Land's End.

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