Monday, November 12, 2012

North and East Queen Anne

Sunday's weather wasn't very clear so my husband and I decided to save our Lawton Woods walk and went to Queen Anne instead to fill in some streets near the Aurora Bridge. We were probably in three distinct neighborhoods during this 5 mile walk.

We climbed a steep hill at 4th Avenue N to the top of the hill where we passed lovely homes on cozy dead end streets with some great views.

Up here, we passed Seattle Country Day School which appears to include the old Seattle Junior Academy building

and some newer buildings.

We also saw a sign welcoming us to Queen Anne (where we opted not to walk a nearby stretch of Raye Street which had no side walk and looked dangerous due to the amount of traffic - on a subsequent walk, I discovered that Raye does have a sidewalk but 6th Avenue N does not - this is the dangerous street),

what may have once been a corner store

a staircase and a footpath

which we took to get down the hill to Dexter. The railing wasn't in the best of shape and I wouldn't recommend taking this long footpath on a rainy day - it could be quite slippery.

We came to a Dexter underpass

and climbed down a few more staircases leading us to Crockett and Westlake.

The west side of Westlake was crowded with condos/apartments

while the east side was a mix of marine-related businesses,

 small shops and houseboats.

We found ourselves on the Cheshiahud Loop

at the seating area of Waterway 1

whose railing contains a number of excerpts from Native American writings.

Along Westlake, we walked under the Aurora Bridge,

along a stretch of unused but intact railroad tracks

and on pavement with a message.

This walk really exhibited the diversity of Seattle.

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