Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Hill and Downtown

A few medical appointments took me to First Hill yesterday so I walked 2.7 miles in the First Hill and Downtown neighborhoods, mostly on streets I had already walked but filling in four streets I had missed and noticing some new sights along the way.

I spotted this manhole cover at 5th and James just outside the Municipal Court Building

and across the street from City Hall.

I saw some great artwork on a fence surrounding a building site at 3rd and James. I especially likes these works by Jenny Fillius; an artist statement expresses her frustration with distracted motorists and mentions a lie she told.

My walk included a stop in the Frye Museum to view Franz von Stuck's Sin so that I could compare it to the version I had just seen in Munich. (It seems that the artist created at least ten versions of this painting and also designed the frames.)

Along my way, I spotted the Cafe Berlin (which serves promising looking sandwiches)

and a Seattle University Community Garden.

I'm glad I went back to cover those four missed streets.

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