Monday, February 20, 2012

West Queen Anne

Saturday's Loyal Heights walk was flat but today's West Queen Anne walk made up for with hills and many stairways. My husband and I walked 6.2 miles along the streets between W Galer and W Blaine from 12th Avenue NW to Queen Anne Avenue N.

This is a lovely, mostly residential neighborhood with stately homes and panoramic views.

Queen Anne Avenue is commercial with lots of shops, restaurants and services.

7th Avenue is near the top of the hill. 8th and 9th Avenues are each divided by retaining walls with the east side being about 10 feet higher than the west side.

We saw cobble stone streets, planter beds on cliffs, a blue house that looked to be "green" (with solar panels)

and a treed area west of 11th that was posted with a "Camping is Prohibited" sign.

This neighborhood is home to the Queen Anne Branch of the Seattle Public Library (and a facilities building),

the Queen Anne Masonic Center, Beginnings preschool, a Trader Joe's, a Top Pot Donut store, a gaily painted Victorian house and television broadcast towers.

It abuts the old West Queen Anne School (now condos) and West Queen Anne Playfield.

As we finished our walk, we saw a pot bellied pig on 1st Avenue W.

We got a real workout walking in the picturesque neighborhood.

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