Monday, February 13, 2012

Southwest Fremont

Yesterday, my husband and I took a 5.4 mile walk through the streets of Fremont. We strolled along streets we had not already walked between 3rd Avenue NW and Fremont Avenue from 34th to 40th.

This neighborhood slopes down towards the south and west; the real southbound drop off is north of 39th and we only took one staircase today (when we walked down from 40th at 1st NW). At the bottom of the staircase, we saw some paintings in the street but they were neither as bold nor as large as the street paintings in Wallingford.

North of 39th, we had seen many single family homes and we noted a Valentines inspired sculpture in a front yard.

South of 39th, we saw mostly multifamily buildings. Along 39th, we observed a neat row of trees and an old utility pole with climbing spikes.

We passed B. F. Day School,

Fremont Avenue, Fremont Way and Fremont Lane and Deluxe Junk.

We stopped in at the Fremont Sunday Market and Theo's Chocolate (noting an artistic manhole cover outside) to enjoy some tastings and buy chocolate.

We finished the walk near Fleur de Lis Garden Ornaments and stopped in to look at the bird baths and statuary.

We had already walked many of the east/west streets and prior posts detail some of Fremont's amazing public art.

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