Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Capitol Hill

Yesterday was Valentine's Day so my Valentine (husband) and I went to lunch on Capitol Hill and then took a 5.4 mile walk filling in streets that I had not previously walked. This zigging and zagging walk took us from 10th to 21st Avenue E between E Aloha and E John Streets.

This is a mixed area including many beautiful older homes on tree-lined streets in the northern part to condos and apartment houses (new and old) in the southern and western parts.

15th and 19th Avenues have an assortment of shops and restaurants and we passed a QFC and a Safeway. We saw lots of people, especially along these shopping streets.

This area is home to Holy Names Academy,

Miller Park and Community Center, Meany Middle School (which looks as if it is transforming to SBOC/World School), Nova High School,

a Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall,

a construction site which will someday be a light rail station,

a large multi-dwelling complex (which was a street of smaller homes the last time I walked near here),

a violin maker, Primeau Place (senior housing)

and two P-Patches (the western one was pictured in a prior post).

As we were finishing our walk, we spotted a "Free Poems" bin attached to a fence at the corner of 20th and Aloha. I took a poem and read it to my Valentine. The poem, Love Poem for Listening, was copyrighted so I won't quote it here but the page contained a link to the poet's blog ( The poem was the February 1st post.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.


  1. Thanks for the excellent blog--a good idea well realized. The poem box at 20th and Aloha is mine, and I wanted to bring to your attention the original such box, on Aloha between 15th & 16th. Mrs. Kollar, a retired teacher, places seasonally appropriate poems by fine poets in a beautiful box outside her home. My box, inspired by hers, is limited to my own poems, so I urge you to visit Mrs. Kollar's box on your next Capitol Hill walk, for better reading if nothing else! Thanks for the link. I'll follow your future walks.

    1. Thank you for your poem, this information and your kind words. I will return to look for Mrs. Kollar's poetry box. I have found that the side of the street on which I walk and the direction in which I am walking determines if I catch or miss interesting sights. Many streets deserve a return visit.

  2. Now that I think of it Mrs. Kollar is between 14th and 15th on E. Aloha. I have corresponded with her and met her once, by chance. A bright, lovely woman.

  3. Thanks for the update; I haven't been back to Capitol Hill but I'll be going soon and will check our Aloha between 14th and 15th.