Thursday, February 9, 2012

Central Fremont

My husband and I returned to Fremont today for a 5.5 mile walk. We walked the east/west streets we had missed on Tuesday plus a few north/south streets south of 42nd. We walked streets between 40th and 49th from 1st NW to Fremont.

The south and west portions of this neighborhood are hilly and we counted eight staircases.

Many of the streets and houses are really charming with lushly planted parking strips

(one set of trees was even clothed).

This neighborhood is home to Fremont Peak Park, a wooden soldier atop a garage,

animal shapes adorning a bus stop shelter,

a sidewalk slab with "LEGALIZE DR3AM WORLD" painted on it

and a mailbox near the corner of Phinney and 43rd.

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