Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Northeast Fremont

We were back to walking today so we took a 5.2 mile walk in Fremont. We walked all the streets between Aurora and Stone Way from N 40th to N Allen plus a few streets west of Aurora and a few streets south of 40th.

There is a pedestrian overpass over Aurora at 41st Street which offers good views north

and south.

There were a few boarded up motels along Aurora as well as some newer condos.

An earlier posting covers this stretch of Stone Way and the only change was the progress made on the large building site - it's now a pretty deep hole.

The streets between Stone Way and Aurora are mixed with small homes, apartments and buildings that look as if they could have once been boarding houses. This area is home to the Vine Christian Mission, a house whose fence is decorated with kitchen utensils, an interesting birdbath in a parking strip

with "Whirled Peas" written in the concrete below its bottom step.

The streets west of Aurora are tidier with more upscale looking housing. This area is home to the B F Day Playfield, the Swingside Cafe and a Belly Dance studio.

Walking was easy because streets are fairly level and there are sidewalks and curbs throughout this area.

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