Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loyal Heights

Yesterday was a wet and windy day, so my husband and I looked for a level neighborhood with sidewalks and found just what we had expected in Loyal Heights. We took a 7.8 mile walk along the streets between 15th and 28th Avenues NW from NW 70 to 75th Street.

This part of Loyal Heights is a tidy area with lots of raised beds near the curbs, quite a few rain gardens and what may be a street-edge-alternative project.

We passed Grumpy D's Coffeehouse just as an Aid truck arrived and EMTs ran in (the next time we passed, things were quiet so we assumed the EMTs had been successful). We passed a denture clinic, the Train Center (with a few young boys watching a model train run around a track), a Montessori school, a decorated house,

a 'hand made gifts' house and an old utility pole with climbing aids.

This area is home to Salmon Bay Park,

the building that was once Calvary Lutheran Church

Not a great day (weather wise) but we were introduced to another great Seattle neighborhood.

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