Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gatewood Neighborhood of West Seattle

Wishing to visit some of the large unvisited areas on my walking map, my husband and I went to West Seattle today for a 4.8 mile walk in the Gatewood neighborhood. We walked streets between 35th and 41st Avenues SW from SW Webster to SW Thistle Street.

This is a quiet, spacious feeling neighborhood. I don't know if it's the lack of tall trees, the width of the streets, the modest size of the houses or the scarcity of cars parked on the streets but the neighborhood feels wide open and we had views of Puget Sound as we walked the east/west streets from the top of the hill at 39th Avenue.

35th is a commercial/residential mix with a bus line, a fire station, Kenyon Hall, a dry cleaners, a florist, a barber shop and an auto service station with

a nicely landscaped parking strip.

This area is home to the Mars Hill Church,

Peace Lutheran Church ELCA,

many heavily planted parking strips,

some lovely gardens

and garden art.

We passed a utility pole with climbing aids and lots of wires,

a rhododendron in bloom and a stone wall with a heart design.

I will be happy to return to the neighborhood in the spring or summer and expect to find many nice gardens.

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