Saturday, February 11, 2012

Northwest Fremont

Today, my husband and I returned to Fremont and walked 5.4 miles along the streets from 40th to 48th between 3rd Avenue NW and Greenwood Avenue N.

We started walking up 3rd NW and came to a street lined with palm trees. One house was especially surrounded by palms.

Across the street, we thought we saw a 'treeboat.'

This is a tidy neighborhood with hills and views of industrial areas, the ship canal and mountains. We saw retaining walls and more staircases.

I was noting that this was not the funky Fremont of my expectations when I started to spot a few funky features like a fake dog on a porch, a mural on a garage, a mosaic on a retaining wall

and live cut tulips in a long vase atop a railing.

This neighborhood is home to Ross Park and Fremont Peak Park (pictured in a prior post).

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