Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seward Park

The sun was shining and my husband and I enjoyed beautiful views of Lake Washington as we took a 5.6 mile walk in the Lakewood section of Seward Park today. We walked streets between Genesee Park and the lake from the "Stan Sayres Pits" to S Alaska Street.

The neighborhood was relatively quiet today but there were still lots of people out jogging, biking, walking, dog walking and rowing crew near the water's edge. During the Seafair hydroplane races, this area is anything but quiet.

On Bicycle Sundays, this stretch of Lake Washington Blvd S is closed to motorized traffic. This is one area where the lakeshore is all accessible by the public. Private homes, many quite grand, line the other side of Lake Washington Blvd. Homes became more modest as we got further from the lake but the entire neighborhood was tidy with well kept homes on streets with sidewalks and curbs. Parking strips were mostly grass covered - perhaps the lots were large enough to afford homeowners all the gardening space they wanted in their yards. We did see some lovely gardens

plus a swimming pool

and a fish pond.

This area abuts Genessee Park and Playfield.

the Lakewood Marina, the Both Ways Cafe, some nicely shaped trees, yard art and at least five staircases (we'll have to return and fill in some more streets to see how many we missed).

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