Tuesday, February 7, 2012

North Central Fremont

After a trip to San Diego where my husband and I biked, bused, trollied and then walked about 45 miles, we returned to Seattle and the Fremont neighborhood for a 6.7 mile walk. San Diego does have beautiful beaches but it was designed for cars not walkers and it was nice to return to a neighborhood with places of interest within walking distance.

We walked all the north/south streets between Greenwood and Aurora from 42nd to 50th and a number of the east/west streets between Fremont and Aurora. A Fremont brochure describes this area as Upper Fremont Village. This area abuts the Woodland Park Zoo and we enjoyed all the greenery along 50th. From Phinney, we had good views of the Olympics and the ship canal. We saw a huge tree and were treated the wonderful aroma of coffee as we passed the Lighthouse Roasters at 43rd and Phinney.

Streets have sidewalks and curbs and the area a mix of single and multiple family dwellings. One house has artfully painted steps.

There are businesses along Fremont and Aurora. One store on Fremont had a large 'Fight Evil' sculpture in its window (but I think it is an eyeglass shop); it's a store or two from Book Larder, a community book store.

Hawthorne Square (1920's era brick condos built around a lovely courtyard), an SMMA outlet ( Seattle Medical Marijuana Association), Marketime Foods and a mailbox on the corner of Fremont and Allen.

It was good to be back in Seattle and walking a pleasant neighborhood on a beautiful day.

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