Saturday, February 25, 2012

Southwest Greenwood and Northwest Phinney

It was raining when my husband and I left for our walk today and we ran into slush on our way but during our walk, the skies were dry and we even saw the sun once or twice. We took a 5 mile walk along streets from NW 70th to NW 80th between 3rd and 8th Avenues NW (stopping to visit two estate sales along the way).

This is a mostly residential area with sidewalks, curbs and all types of gardens. Home are mostly modest and well kept with houses looking more expensive as we walked south.

We passed the 6th Avenue Pocket Park,

the Barking Dog Alehouse, the Take 5 Urban Market,

and van,

a house being raised, a Lab/Cor building, a tree encased in old CDs, some tree swings and some palm trees.

This was an easy walk along level streets.

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