Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crown Hill

The Swanson Nursery's Spring Sale brought my husband and me to Crown Hill today so we took a 5.3 mile walk along the streets bounded by Holman Road, 15th Avenue NW and NW 100th Street.

Holman Road is a mix of commercial and multi-family dwellings and 15th houses Swanson's and Whitman Middle School (pictured in an earlier post) but the rest of the area is mostly single family homes.

Our most recent walks had been in neighborhoods with sidewalks and curbs and the recent rain emphasized that a few streets in this area could use some 'street edge alternatives'; we saw lots of puddles and mud piles where vehicles had driven off the paved streets and made ruts. That said, there were beautiful tended yards and most of the houses were well kept.

We saw a Dick's Drive-In along Holman Road as well as a MacDonald's and signage that made it look as if it were selling gas. We saw a pedestrian overpass and the new Crown Hill Park (still fenced in to let the grass take).

This area is home to Crown Hill Church and two buildings which look as if they had been Crown Hill Elementary. The older looking building is now the Small Faces Child Development Center and the newer looking building house dance and yoga schools.

We saw trees converted to play structures and sculptures.

All-in-all, the walk was much better than the weather and we got some great items for our garden.

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