Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Capitol Hill South and East of Volunteer Park

A chore on Capitol Hill took me back to this lovely neighborhood for a 9.5 mile walk. I walked many of the streets between 14th and 24th Avenues E from Interlaken Park to E Republican.

With the exception of 19th Avenue, this is primarily a residential area. I think this is the area formerly referred to as Catholic Hill and the Catholic presence is still there in St. Joseph's Church and School, Holy Names Academy (whose dome is a landmark) and Jubilee Women's Center (founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace).

The church was open so I went in and was impressed by the interior.

as well as Trinity Christ Memorial Baptist Church

I spotted a mailbox at the corner of 19th and Prospect.

The part of this area east of Volunteer Park has large homes on large lots with alley access

and lovely, tree-lined streets.

This neighborhood knew how to slow down traffic even before traffic islands were in vogue; sidewalks continue and curve around into intersections creating dead-ends or one-lane passages.

Some of the homes close to 24th Avenue are built along a green meridian where a street may have been plotted but never built.

The far north area, near Interlaken Park has beautiful homes on very small lots.

The area south of Roy has apartments houses as well as single family homes and is not as grand as the area north of Roy.

This area has sidewalks and curbs and I saw lots of people out walking and gardening. I also saw quite a few buses, house-cleaning crews and baby strollers and people enjoying the shops along 19th (including coffee shops, restaurants, a cleaners, the Kingfish Cafe and the Moonjar Store).

This was a wonderful walk and well worth the time spent.

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